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Saitarg’s Gravitas Quotient David Hatch

David Hatch answers 19 Gravitas Questions with Alan Gratias

David Hatch is the long-time host/producer of TSN’s Motorcycle Experience which is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary on TSN. David founded WhistleStop Productions Inc. to create Motorcycle Experience, and in doing so he launched a full-service broadcast television production company focused on the production of original sports, magazine, and documentary programming. WhistleStop Productions has produced over 60 original, award winning network television series and many one-off sporting event productions.  David’s extensive programming resumé includes over 500 hours of original, broadcast, network programming for TSN, ESPN Inc., and Blue Ant Media. David’s production company has created original television series for Netflix, Cottage Life TV, Travel & Escape, Love Nature, Discovery Velocity, Smithsonian Channel, HIFI HD, and Destination America. His most recent venture is Hatch Gallery, a New York style loft space in Bloomfield showcasing abstract and contemporary art by Canadian artists.

I asked David how he came to the County.

“One weekend about 25 years ago, a friend invited us to join him on a motorcycle weekend in Prince Edward County. We loved the friendly people, the scenery, the quiet villages, and the beaches. Twenty years ago, with two young children in tow, we pulled the trigger, sold our home on the Danforth and moved to Bloomfield. Our dream of raising a family in the County became a reality.”


Name one universal rule of friendship?
Never loan your tools or your motorcycle.

What are you going to do about growing old?
I’m going to stay positive, keep riding motorcycles, continue to enjoy collecting Canadian art, and keep singing my heart out at parties before they give me the hook!

What makes your heart stand still?
Kissing my partner Stacey, making my kids laugh, and any painting by Mark Rothko.

If you knew the truth, how would you reveal it?
Instagram using the hash tag #realtruthrevealednow!

How would you like to rewire your brain?
I would rewire it to be able to remember what I had for breakfast.

What are you fatally attracted to?
A ’57 Gold Top Les Paul…wait a minute…nope…make that a ’49 Packard Super 8.

Why do we sometimes crave chaos?
Chaos keeps us on our toes. It makes us feel alive!

How do you stay clear of the rocks and shoals?
I avoid getting on boats!

Why should we hang onto our illusions?
Illusions should really only be performed on a stage in Las Vegas.

When do reality and fantasy merge?
When you push the starter button on an air-cooled motorcycle or plug a hollow body guitar into an all tube amplifier.

How do we get to the authentic self?
By trying something you’ve never done before in front of an audience.

What is your favourite recipe for unhappiness?
Take one bag of kettle chips, add two ounces of good whisky on ice, and mix with Joni Mitchell’s classic album Court and Spark.

If you were in charge of the world for one day, what would you change?
I would let women run the show!

If we come into this world with sealed orders, what are your orders?
Keep your right hand cranked!

If you had your own country, what is the first law you would enact?
I would eliminate all gender distinctions.

When should we say it out loud?

What is the best way to deal with confusion?
Google it!

What would you like to morph yourself into?
A small fluffy dog named Gavin!

What secret to a successful marriage would you like to share.
When you are out riding together, it’s important to ride close and to keep an eye out for each other. The secret to enjoying a road trip with your riding partner is to trust them and to apply give and take, lead and follow.

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