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Gravitas Gavin Crawford

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Gavin Crawford answers 23 Gravitas Questions

Gavin Crawford is currently the host and laugh meister on Because News which airs weekly on CBC Radio One. The program is a panel show on which three celebrity panellists compete to answer questions about current affairs. He also starred in Festival Players recent Every Brilliant Thing, an interactive theatrical event which chronicles a young person’s quest to unearth every magnificent thing about being alive.

Gavin, from Taber, Alberta, studied acting at the University of British Columbia, then moved to Toronto where he quickly took the comedy scene by storm with his signature character monologues. He joined Second City in 1998 before co-creating and starring in The Gavin Crawford Show on The Comedy Network where he developed several of his enduring characters, including awkward teen Mark Jackson and fashion designer Uwe Meyer. A guest spot on This Hour Has 22 Minutes turned into eight seasons on the comedy institution during which he created countless original characters and interviewed many politicians. His most recent work includes the upcoming series 24 Hour Rental and Gavin Crawford’s Wild West. He continues to perform live with upcoming solo shows at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Gavin has starred on many of Canada’s most popular television shows including Corner Gas, Heartland, and Murdoch Mysteries. He also hosted CBC’s version of the British talent search program, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? He can be seen in such feature films as My Dog Vincent, French Immersion, and Portrait of a Serial Monogamist.

I ask him, please one last question, the one about following your fear. What fear is he following? “Failure,” he replies. I saw him in the Festival Players’ Every Brilliant Thing in August and since triumph is the opposite of failure, Gavin Crawford will have to keep following his fear.

 Name one universal rule of friendship?

What are you going to do about growing old?
With a bit of luck, I’m gonna do it.

What makes your heart stand still?
A phone ringing after midnight.

If you knew the truth, how would you reveal it?
Who says I don’t?

We all hope there will be one more time. One more time for what?
Coral reefs.

What do you wish your mother understood about you?

Name one secret you do not want to discover before you die.
How babies are really made.

If you were going to launch a new prohibition, what would you outlaw?
Social media.

How would you like to rewire your brain?
Instant understanding of basic finance.

If you were to ask for divine intervention, what would it be for?
The end of religion.

What are you fatally attracted to?

Give one example of life’s absurdities?
Constantly electing people who have inherited millions to represent the working folk.

Why do we sometimes crave chaos?
It makes us feel alive.

How do you stay clear of the rocks and shoals?

Why should we hang onto our illusions?
It’s the only way to make them real.

When do reality and fantasy merge?
When you look at the selfie you just took.

What is the best way to get licensed as an adult?
Complete your taxes.

How do we get to the authentic self?
By pretending.

What is your favourite recipe for unhappiness?
Look for someone to blame. Repeat.

What takes you down the rabbit hole?
Old clips of the Tony awards on YouTube.

How can we escape the trap line of our own obsessions?
Listen to the obsessions of others.

What is the best way to deal with confusion?
Ask more questions.

What would you like to morph yourself into?
A shark with wings.

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